Fios Internet Packages

Fios provides amazing internet packages in the USA. The Verizon fiber-optic network promises high-speed quality service to its users.

Currently, the company is offering 3 Verizon Fios internet packages. It includes 200 Mbps speed, 400 Mbps speed, and Gigabit connection. According to your data usage and downloads, you can select one of them.

  200 Mbps speed400 Mbps speed  Gigabit connection
Fixed Wireless internet: 2oo MbpsFixed Wireless Internet: 4oo MbpsFixed Wireless Internet: 940/880 Mbps
Price : $39.99/month plus taxesPrice : $59.99/month plus taxesPrice : $79.99/month plus taxes
  • 200 Mbps speed

200 Mbps speed is the least expensive internet package of Fios. If you have a limited budget, you can select this Fios internet package. It is an ideal package to stream and download movies and shows. Therefore, it is a perfect internet package for entertainers and fun-lovers.

  • 400 Mbps speed

Further, a 400 Mbps speed package gives you 400 Mbps as the name suggests. It is an ultimate internet package for multiple users. In other terms, it is the most suitable fios package for small enterprises where a number of people work together. You can share large files with 400 Mbps internet speed. You can binge live streaming. This internet package has more attractive features than 200 Mbps speed. So, it is more expensive than the latter.

  • Gigabit connection

Gigabit Connection has more attractive features than other packages. In this fios internet package, you can get up to 940/880 Mbps. If you want more Mbps, you can select this package. It gives a seamless entertainment experience. You can watch Disney. You have more than enough Mbps to enjoy and to work. If you have enough money, you should go with this package. You will get an internet router.

To conclude, Fios has wonderful internet packages. You can choose the best internet deal among them.

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